Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He Must Go!

Confirmation that Joe Lieberman has lost his way appeared in the Wall Street Journal this weekend. He was the subject of their weekly interview. Among other things, Lieberman stated that 'no how, no way' was there going to be a health care reform bill that included the so-called 'public option'. It doesn't matter that the concept of 'public option' has yet to be clearly defined. It doesn't matter that some kind of 'public option' is the only real way previously uninsurable people will get health insurance. It doesn't matter that HMOs and insurance companies are the ones with the strangle-hold on many people. Just exactly who is Lieberman protecting? How is it possible for one person, no matter what committee he may chair, to be able to block further action by the entire senate? It looks like Palin isn't the only one who's gone rogue! I hope the voters are reminded of all of this when Lieberman's term is up.

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Anonymous said...

Joe has lost it!