Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Cheers for the Profit Motive

What's up with Carrie Prejean (I can't help but pronounce it pre-jeen because I keep forgetting how she really says it)? When this thing first surfaced I felt a little sorry for her because first I can't stand Perez Hilton and second even though I disagreed with her position on gay marriages, I felt she should have a right to her opinion however misguided. But now it seems obvious that she's turned this whole thing into a money grab. I am especially puzzled at her constant railing against the 'liberal' media who apparently have it in for Carrie along with her BFF Sarah Palin. When the topic arises, and she makes sure it does, she launches into a prolonged defense of Palin & a critique of biased media-yet she has no problem using that very forum to push her book-which was no doubt penned by someone else although it doesn't acknowledge that on the cover. And wasn't it a great idea to have conservative pundit Sean Hannity write the forward? This woman is obviously nothing more than yet another gas bag hypocrite. Maybe she and Sarah will go on tour together. Wouldn't that be fun? Two air heads hogging the headlines for the next umpteen years! And they complain about the 'liberal' media. Unbelievable!

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