Friday, August 21, 2009

Stumped! (or is it Clunked?)

Headline Google News: "Cash for Clunkers to End". Now I'm officially stumped. For weeks we've been hearing about how successful this program was. People were trading their old junks in on shiny new mostly American made cars, giving the environment a break and the economy a boost. More headlines about how Congress was sure to continue the program. Now it's dead. What gives? Does Congress know what it's doing? What a silly question! Added to all of this is that a very small portion of the so-called stimulus package has been spent thus theoretically not doing what it was intended to do; constant bickering over health reform; news reports on practically a daily basis regarding immoral or inappropriate behaviors. What a mess! As someone pointed out, Goldman Sachs seems to be the only entity to survive this whole thing in relatively good health. Maybe congress should just admit they don't really have a clue what they're doing and abandon any further efforts. They're getting no where in spite of Obama's constant urging, cajoling, compromising and nearly begging. Sad state of affairs. More on this later.

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