Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

About Sarah Palin: What an unbelievable loser!! At this point one can only hope that she isolates herself within the confines of Fox News so sane people won’t continue to be exposed to her lunacy.

About MJ: RIP. Can we finally move on?

About morning shows like Today & GMA: There’s got to be something better to watch while I’m reading the paper, checking emails and Facebook. I wish I got better radio AM reception in my family room. At least I could listen to Imus.

About the Stimulus Package: What’s going on? An item in the paper recently reported on a number of ‘shovel ready’ state projects that were supposed to get kick-started by Obama’s stimulus package. Where’d the money go? Why isn’t more money available to credit worthy people and businesses? Obama’s administration needs to answer these questions.

About the Supreme Court: They finally got it right by overturning a Federal Appeals Court ruling that allowed New Haven’s recent firefighter’s fiasco. Racial quotas are no longer needed or appropriate. If you pass the test, you’re in. If not, you’re not. It doesn’t matter if you’re red, white, black, yellow or pink with purple polka dots. Period.

Finally, check out the following website:
You could end up doing something very good and important for some man or woman serving our country.

Thus endth my rant for the day.

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