Monday, June 8, 2009

Changing Times

If you got to this blog through my website then you already know about the big things going on this weekend for 5 year old Brooke. If you got here from you don't in which case I urge you to check out Watching Brooke at her preschool graduation and then her recital brought a great deal of pleasure for her grandmother and me. And to think, we have three other grand children who will be doing most or all of these things as well. It brings back all the good memories we have of when our own kids were little. Unfortunately, we did not have the technology available then that we have now. We have no video whatever of our own kids and the various things they did-plenty of pictures though. And what's even more interesting, if you go back to my generation, you could put all of my childhood pictures in your shirt pocket without anyone noticing. One reason is because my father wasn't big on taking pictures with our one old Poleroid camera and the other is that my first graduation wasn't until 8th grade! So things change-lots of times for the better. That's why I never really understand people who are always whining about how they miss the 'good old days'. Very often, the 'good old days' weren't all that good.

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