Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Scientist!

Now it's this little guy's turn. At 16 months is he playing 'scientist' like his cousins? Well, no, but he's certainly thinking like one. Curious about everything, in this particular photo he's experimenting with stacking. Many toddlers his age love to do this. They're not just acting like 'babies'! There's an enormous amount of experimentation and learning going on. He doesn't say it but he's thinking all the time. "What happens if I do this? Can this shape fit on top of another kind of shape without falling? How high can they go before they fall? What happens if I push it? What happens if I try to remove one from the bottom?" Sometimes he glances at me or the nearest adult when he's doing this. "Am I going to get in 'trouble' for this?" Then, before you know it, he's off to explore something else.
Soon it will be time to build a sandbox. More exploration and fun with trucks, tractors, bulldozers and back hoes. I'm betting his cousins are going to like that too.

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