Monday, August 4, 2008

Here We Go Again

Item 1: KM3 recently posted a piece on his blog ( that expresses his outrage with the current congress. For what it’s worth I agree-but not for the reasons he stated. I really don’t much care that they haven’t been passing much legislation. I’m beginning to agree with Calvin Coolidge who once said “that government that governs least governs best.” My outrage with this congress is spineless resistance to the Bush/Cheney mess. In 2006 the American people sent many republicans packing because they were sick of this administration’s leadership. They correctly recognized Bush & Cheney for what they were, i.e. the two people who have caused more harm to this nation than any other pair of elected officials in history. What has this congress done to correct that? Nothing!

Item 2: Here we go again with the off-shore drilling thing. They (McCain, Republicans and to some extent Obama) can’t get it through their thick heads that drilling the earth full of holes is NOT the answer. We need to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels-not find ways to use more. So, here’s what I would do if I were Dictator of the United States:

-subsidize companies to build nuclear power plants, wind power and solar power. Eventually put the entire nation on an electrical grid that would provide heat and energy for all homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. That would save untold quantities of coal, oil and natural gas.

-next, with the coal that is saved from electrical generation, convert it to diesel fuel. The technology is there. It can be done. This nation has about a century’s worth of coal in the ground. Use it to power all diesel vehicles.

-next, impose heavy penalties on anyone using a gasoline powered vehicle that is not a hybrid. Eventually all gas powered motor vehicles would be hybrids getting around 40-50 mpg.

If all this were done, we could produce enough oil domestically to fill our needs until hydrogen fuel came into its own at which time we’re completely off fossil fuels!

That’s what I would do if I were the Dictator of the United States of America!

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