Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Place Like Home

The recent issue of Money magazine features its annual "Best Places to Live" article. In spite of the long scientific explanation of how they arrived at their conclusions (crime rate, education, environment, cost of living, etc), I'm always surprised at some of the places they've chosen. For example their Number One place to live in the entire USA is Plymouth, Minnesota. Now, before I start hearing from all you fine folks in Minnesota (like they're going to see this!), I'm sure it's a grand state & I'm equally postive that the three days a year you have summer are beautiful, but let's face it. The rest of the year is COLD-even colder than here in beautiful New England. At close to $5 a gallon for fuel oil, that does it for me.
Another thing I noticed is the relatively high number of places in the top 50 that are in Texas. Again, no offense, but I've been to Texas-several times and in several locations. Without going into unnecessarily graphic details, just let me say, I'll stay here, thank you.
There were very few places in New England that were on the top 100 list-probably due to cost of living. Some in Mass. and one in CT but that was it. I recall just a few years ago Danbury, CT was the number one place. What happened in a few short years that it didn't even place in the top 100? Oh, well. As Dorothy said, 'There's no place like home'.

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