Monday, June 2, 2008

Take cover. Here they come!!!

Well they’re at it again-this time with a vengeance. I’m talking about the lunatic fringe. The so-called Christian right who haven’t a clue what Christian values are all about. I’m referring to the spate of email forwards filling my mailbox that have some of the most vicious, vile stuff yet seen about Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama. Note that these nuts are always sure to reference this guy’s middle name, as though it had anything to do with Saddam Hussein. If Obama gets the nomination, as it now seems he will, I fear this Fall’s presidential campaign is going to be very ugly indeed. The real question is will main-stream America see this crap for what it is or will they buy into it? It will be a real test of this country’s moral character. Let me be quick to point out that a vote for John McCain will not necessarily mean the nation has failed. The test will be how the campaign is conducted and what’s said during the course of it. Unfortunately, I’m not optimistic but hope springs eternal so I’m hoping I’m wrong. Stay tuned.

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