Monday, August 20, 2018

Odds & Ends & Bits & Pieces

Here's another edition of random thoughts and observations.
1. There's been a huge outbreak of drug overdoses in New Haven lately. Within a week or so there were over 100 overdoses of a drug that was a mix of marijuana and something else (I forgot what it was). Together they're called K2.  Wasn't it nice when K2 was just the second highest mountain in the world?

2. What don't people get about the danger of leaving children and animals locked in parked cars during the summer?  There isn't a day that goes by when you don't hear about a tragedy or near tragedy because someone left a child or animal in a car.  And their excuse is always, "Gosh, I just went in the store for a minute!"

3.  Summer time brings lots of fun things to do.  It also brings tragedies such as pool drownings.  The other day yet another 2-year-old was found floating on the bottom of  a backyard pool.  People need to realize that kids need constant supervision.  It doesn't take long for a little one to squirt out and get him/herself into trouble.  I even saw a video recently of a toddler managing to crawl into an above ground pool even with the ladder up supposedly making it safe.  Watch your kids.

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