Sunday, April 20, 2008

I get paid for this??!!

I read an article in The Wall Street Journal recently that reported on a number of people who were able to give up their regular jobs and make a pretty decent living blogging. It seems these folks were getting so many hits on their blogs that companies were willing to pay to have their products advertised on the blog pages. I found it interesting that one could make money doing what basically the bloggers do on this web site so I decided to check out some of them. I was completely underwhelmed! It was amazing how devoid of content and, to me at least, interest these sites were. Yet, they draw thousands of hits a day. I remember how happy I was when this website surpassed the 6000 hit mark and the blogspot link is up to about 1500 hits in a fairly short period of time. I'll put the website address of some of them here so you can decide for yourself.

For this I can get paid???

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here Are The Rules

One of the nice things about being the parent of grown children is that you have lots of good memories to look back on. Being a grand parent is icing on the cake-kind of like the double feature of a really good movie. Very often while driving, my 4 year old grand daughter likes to play games-very similar to when her mother and uncle were little. The grand daughter's games are a little different though because, unlike her mother and her uncle, her sister is too young to keep her honest. For example here's a game she loves to play: I'm thinking of something that lives in (fill in the blank). Here's how it often goes:
Child: I'm thinking of something that lives in a circus.
Grandpa: Is it an elephant?
Child: Nope
Grandpa: Is it a lion or tiger?
Child: Nope
Grandpa: Is it a bear?
Child: Nope
Grandpa: OK, I give up.
Child: It's a bear.
Grandpa: But I said that.
Child: Yeah but I changed my mind then but now changed it back. My turn again.

There are three rules to playing games with a 4 year old:
1. They get to make the rules.
2. They can change the rules whenever they want.
3. Don't like it??? See rule #1.

Now here's a really odd coincidence for you. My wife has the same set of rules. Hmmm.....verrrry interesting!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How To Handle China

So China's at it again. This time it's not facing down students with tanks. This time it's the violent suppression of Tibet. Naturally, Hill, Pelosi and lots of others are offering all sorts of ideas as to how the U.S. should react. One that's floating around a lot is to boycott the opening day of the olympics. It's thought that by doing something like that, China will feel enough pressure to change the way it does things in Tibet and on its streets. But I had another idea. I wonder if perhaps China would feel even more pressure if we were to close our borders to Chinese made products. I wonder how that would play. Of course Americans would have to get used to shelves that are empty of their prized inexpensive stuff. Walmart & Target stores would have to close-literally. As a little experiment, look around your house and see how much stuff is made in China. Don't forget your kids' toys especially. Can you handle not being able to replace any of that stuff? I guess a boycott is a little too drastic. The hell with the Tibetans. What have they done for us lately?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wit & Wisdom of Children

From the Mouths of Babes: From 4 yrs old to 4th grade (in just one week).

Setting: High on the platform of a tube slide in a crowded park.
Child: Grandpa, grandpa!
Grandpa looking up at child: What? Are you afraid up there?
Child: No but I was wondering, how come you have so much hair in your nose?
Followed by peels of laughter from numerous parents who overheard the exchange.

Setting: Driving in a car in moderate traffic.
Child: A great deal of conversation.
Grandpa: Hold on, Sweetie. Grandpa's trying to concentrate on driving right now.
Child: What's the matter, can't you listen and drive at the same time?!

Setting: Dismissal time in a fourth grade class.
Child: Did you know Einstein married his cousin in Germany?
Substitute Teacher (me): Well, no. Actually I didn't know that.
Child: I think he had issues, don't you?

Moral of all of this: Everyone should spend a certain percentage of their time around kids. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn!