Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mixed Messages

Has it occurred to anyone else how peculiar it is that conservative gas bag Glen Beck and others of his ilk scream for a “restoration of American values” when they themselves are so willing to deny others their religious freedom?

Don't Tea Party participants see any contradiction at all when they march around, frothing at the mouth, demanding stronger adherence to the Constitution while out of the other side of their mouths they're busy denying others of their constitutional rights?

Fanatics (read extremists) don't understand logic. They don't have to. Their minds simply don't work that way. That's what makes them charter members of the lunatic fringe and very, very dangerous.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

A cool, rainy day doesn't stop two little girls from having a great time with Grandpa.

The day started with the 'jail' game. That's where I put the couch cushions in front of the couch. The girls sit on the bare part of the couch and I throw a blanket over them.
Now they're in jail. The offense this time was they set the house on fire (their idea).

The idea is for them to stay there while I take a nap. While I'm pretending to do that, they run away and I have to find them.

A variation of that game is for me to take their stuffed animals while they're 'sleeping' and hide them. Then they have to find them.

When they tire of this, I cover the kitchen table with an old shower curtain and pull out the finger paints and food coloring (they like to experiment with colors).

All of this brings us to close to lunch time so it's off to the living room to watch a little TV while I clean up and make lunch.

Then it's rest time and more games like arts and crafts or playing school.

Before you know it it's time to go home. Another great day with my two little grand daughters.

With Brooke starting school next week, it will be Courtney and me on Mondays from now on. But I'm sure we'll be seeing Brooke on weekends and holidays.

Summer is nearly over. Time is flying.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taking the High Road

So what should one make of Obama's position on the proposal to build a Muslim Mosque in the vicinity of the 9/11 tragedy?

Is he an insensitive fool who harbors allegiance to the Islamic faith? or a rare politician who takes the high road and stands by what is right as opposed to politically expedient?

It is my contention that if one steps back and views this objectively and unemotionally, it is clear that his position is the correct one.

This country was founded upon the principals of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Period. No exceptions.

For those who compare this to allowing organizations like the Nazi Party to build shrines to Hitler, I say congratulations. You are now official members of the right wing lunatic fringe.

You are far more of a threat to this nation than a Muslim Mosque!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long Beach Island and Family Vacations

We have just returned from our 4th family vacation. The first three were at a beach house in Rhode Island but this last one was at a beach house in Long Beach Island, NJ.

In spite of a somewhat longer drive and a public as opposed to a private beach, I preferred LBI to Rhode Island. The house was beautiful--larger & free of a stuffy basement where one family would have had to sleep had we remained in RI.

Also there was more to do for the kids at LBI.

But the best part of family vacations for me is not the house we stay in or the beach or the drive time or things to do or any of that.

For me it's all about being with the family. And in my humble estimation there is no better family than mine.

I don't know of many families (if any) who can get through a week of 6 adults and 4 children (ranging in ages from 1 to 6 years old) all living in relatively close quarters who can return home without regretting the swift passage of time.

But our family is just the opposite. Family vacations bring us closer. None of us wanted to see it end.

In fact the only serious source of conflict throughout the week was that the men did not fair as well as usual against the women playing setback. But there will be plenty of opportunities to redeem ourselves.

In November we'll all be headed to Florida for Thanksgiving. We'll be staying in a tight, 3 bedroom condo--very different from the roomy 5 bedroom house we just left.

But since it's Florida, the weather will be nice and there are two lanais one of which is furnished so there will be plenty of space for 4 children to spread out to do what they like to do. Plus there are beaches and pools and playgrounds--and the family.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Adventures With Courtney

Yesterday while returning home from dropping Brooke off at her friend's house Courtney and I had a very interesting conversation.

Courtney declared that she was going to the cemetery when she died as opposed to her mom and dad who picked fire.

I expressed surprise that she was thinking about that.

She asked me how people actually die. I said they get real old and their bodies wear out and they just die. I told her she doesn't have to worry about it for a long, long time.

She persisted by asking exactly how does it happen. So after stumbling around for an answer for someone who's almost 4 I said "Well, your heart just stops working and that's it."

She said, "Oh yeah. Than you curl up like a pan cake and stuff you in a box."

I decided to leave it at that and we moved on to another topic.

I made a note to myself to ask my daughter and son-in-law what they've been talking to her about.

Life with Courtney.