Tuesday, August 14, 2018

If you're a member of a political party, VOTE

Today is primary day. If you're a republican or democrat you can vote in the appropriate primary.  If you're a republican, don't bother. If you're a democrat, vote for Ned Lamont for governor.  Ganim ran a dirty campaign and is a crook anyway.  Go for Lamont.

As for the 5th congressional district, it doesn't much matter.  Hayes and Glassman are very close on the issues so pick one so long as they're elected in November. That part is very important.  The republicans have got to go. They are systematically destroying the country for ordinary people like you and me.  Beginning with the head coward (Donny boy) and on down to the
Cowardly Ryan they have made it clear we don't matter.  Get them out of there.

Next blog-no politics.  Promise.

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