Sunday, September 28, 2014

Heading Home

This is our last full day in Florida.  We didn't get the lanai floors tiled but at least we arranged to have it done in our absence and ready for our return in November.

As it happens it was a very good thing we were here this week because our new upstairs neighbors were having work done and the contractors did something to cause a leak into our master bedroom bathroom.  It hadn't gotten to the point where a lot of damage was being caused because the water was running out of an A/C duct so I just put a bucket under it.

The owners were extremely cooperative and the contractor looked at it soon after I reported it.  They too were very cooperative and in fact they were working late into Friday night to repair the problem which required the removal of some newly installed tile.

I will have a 'do' list waiting for me when we get back here.  The water shut off valve is not working and one of the overhead fan lights needs a new pull string.

It's always something-whether it be in our house or now our condo.  But I guess I shouldn't complain since we're lucky enough to own two places.

So it's back home to beautiful autumn weather and then....well, you know!

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