Friday, October 3, 2014

A Note to My Devoted Reader(s)

October 2014
I started my web site  in May of 2005.  I started this blog in Janurary 2008.  My original intention for starting a blog was to serve as a forum where I could express my opinions on various matters.  The blog therefore coexisted with my web site

It seems  that over the years the lines of distinction between the two things have become blurred. Many things that would normally appear on my web site make it here.  In an effort to restore the two endeavors to their original purpose, I will from now on only be posting pictures, video and albums of various items of interest to my web site.  Very few will appear here. 

So if you've been reading this blog to see pictures of family, nature and other things you'll have to go to my web site from now on.  Just click on the 'photos and photo albums' link at the top of the page and you'll be there.  From there you can reach this page by clicking on the appropriate link.

Thank you.

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