Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day Two-Sunny (Not) Naples

Well, here we are, day 2, Naples, Fl.  It has been cloudy with off and on thunderstorms for two days.  This happened last year at this time also.  So why, you would logically ask, do we continue to come down here this time of year.  Well first, we had some work to arrange on our condo-which brings me to an observation about the work ethic and general approach to business of many of the people here.  It's definitely different than at home.

Some time ago we had gotten an estimate from a tile man who was referred to us by our home watch person (who I'm happy to report is extremely competent). Before we left I emailed him and left two phone messages to set up a time when we could get the work done.  Nothing.  So we went to plan B-an estimate from another tile company.  We went out to see them and were told by the lady there that she'd give her boss a copy of the estimate and the message he should call us to set up an installation date.  Nothing.

Now we're to plan C-yet another company but higher price of course.  Anyway, they'll be out next week to do the work.

The second thing we have to do while here is check on the construction of a friend's house.  That we'll probably do tomorrow.

That's the news from Naples.  Oh, except for the fact that we remembered on the plane that we forgot the keys to our condo.  Fortunately we were able to get a hold of our home watch person who let us in.  Then my daughter-in-law went to our house at home and Fed Exed the keys to us.

Exciting, isn't it?

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