Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day Two, Naples, Fl

Day two in Naples.  Today we met Linda's friends, Chuck and Sue, at the Naples Zoo.  We had been there before with the kids but there's always something new to see at a zoo.  I took lots of pictures which I'll be posting on my website when we get back.

Tomorrow it may be a return trip to Cork Screw Sanctuary which is a huge Cypress swamp maintained by the Audubon society.  I never tire of visiting that place.

While we miss the kids a great deal and never could live here for a prolonged period, we are very happy we bought this place.  It's a great place to enjoy nice weather, the beach and see a ton of stuff.  I no longer have much desire to see much of anything else in the world except for the United Kingdom so I don't have a problem hanging out here for vacations.

We'll be returning on Saturday the 12th.  In the meantime I think I'll watch the Kentucky Derby and make myself a rum and coke.

 Bye for now.

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kt said...

FLORIDA...AGAIN! You lucky Dog!

Although it is VERY cool and overcast here, I am enjoying being in CT with the grandkids. kt