Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weather: Great-Leak in upstairs unit: Not so great.

Well, you know what they say about Murphy's Law.  It's hard at work here in Naples.  Our guest Linda was in the main bathroom drying her hair yesterday when she felt a drop of water on her head. Sure enough water was coming our of the exhaust fan.  We called the home warranty company who sent out a plumber and an investigation revealed the upstairs owner's toilet is leaking.

The property management association will take care of it but it never fails that something like this should happen  when we're expecting more company for a stay of a couple of days.

Added to this is that the property management company spoke to the owners and she is convinced her bathroom couldn't be the problem because they just had work done.

Well, guess what?  Two plumbers confirm that  the problem is in fact hers.   So...we'll have to see how this all shapes up.

Stay tuned. Life's A Beach!

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