Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Observation about the Casey Anthony trial

I am not going make any judgments regarding whether or not justice was done in the Casey Anthony verdict.

I was not there, day in and day out, listening to the testimony and neither by the way were any of the talking heads you hear on TV and radio decrying the horror of the verdict nor were any of the outraged people criticizing the jury.

Rather, my observation is about the judge.

I feel very uncomfortable watching him. He speaks very slowly, mispronounces words and generally looks and sounds very nearly incompetent.

For example in watching the televised sentencing, he repeatedly pronounced the word 'specifically' 'pacifically'.

Does anyone else have a problem with that 'specifically' or the judge in general?

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Out of My Mind said...

Didn't watch it, any of it.

What I hated was changing channels and having to listen to even short excerpts of NANCY GRACE haranguing on this subject. SHE IS OUT OF CONTROL!