Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How To Handle China

So China's at it again. This time it's not facing down students with tanks. This time it's the violent suppression of Tibet. Naturally, Hill, Pelosi and lots of others are offering all sorts of ideas as to how the U.S. should react. One that's floating around a lot is to boycott the opening day of the olympics. It's thought that by doing something like that, China will feel enough pressure to change the way it does things in Tibet and on its streets. But I had another idea. I wonder if perhaps China would feel even more pressure if we were to close our borders to Chinese made products. I wonder how that would play. Of course Americans would have to get used to shelves that are empty of their prized inexpensive stuff. Walmart & Target stores would have to close-literally. As a little experiment, look around your house and see how much stuff is made in China. Don't forget your kids' toys especially. Can you handle not being able to replace any of that stuff? I guess a boycott is a little too drastic. The hell with the Tibetans. What have they done for us lately?

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