Sunday, April 20, 2008

I get paid for this??!!

I read an article in The Wall Street Journal recently that reported on a number of people who were able to give up their regular jobs and make a pretty decent living blogging. It seems these folks were getting so many hits on their blogs that companies were willing to pay to have their products advertised on the blog pages. I found it interesting that one could make money doing what basically the bloggers do on this web site so I decided to check out some of them. I was completely underwhelmed! It was amazing how devoid of content and, to me at least, interest these sites were. Yet, they draw thousands of hits a day. I remember how happy I was when this website surpassed the 6000 hit mark and the blogspot link is up to about 1500 hits in a fairly short period of time. I'll put the website address of some of them here so you can decide for yourself.

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