Saturday, September 22, 2018

Welcome Autumn

Welcome autumn...and a whole new round of yard chores. After a long and very hot summer the weather has finally moderated to the point where yard work is possible. 

Mowing continues, pruning will begin soon and I still have a ton of wood to cut up from the May storm.  The snow blower goes in Oct. 15 to be serviced with the promise of getting it back soon thereafter.  Not that I'm expecting plowable snow by then but who knows?

Acorns have already begun to fill up the driveway from the many oak trees over and around it.  And then who can forget leaves.  Not the pretty colors we all look forward to but after that when the leaves dry up, fall from the trees and cover everything. 

I'm not as fussy about the leaves as I used to be.  I hire someone to get rid of them in the spring but I do have to blow them out of the gutter as well as keep them off the driveway. 

Well, that's the drill.  Beautiful colors, mild days, cool nights making fall a very nice season.  Then, after that, well, you know. 

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