Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"All boys that age do it at one time or another."

So says a group of middle aged republican women being interviewed somewhere in Florida.  They were talking about how awful it is that supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is being put in the hot seat for such a little, meaningless thing.  Except for the woman (or women) he molested or exposed himself to it is not so meaningless.

And let's set the record straight: Not all boys that age are going to do things like that.  I sure didn't. Neither did my friends nor did my son nor did his friends nor did my son-in-law nor did his friends and it is absolutely NOT expected that our sons will do such things. 

This attitude among so many women of all people is appalling. Look at the message it sends. Boys will be boys.  Girls?? C'mon, ladies. Suck it up. Deal with it.  That's life. 

Yet more evidence of Trump's culture of bigotry and misogyny.  "Make America Hate Again" 

Midterms are coming folks.  Get these guys out of there!

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