Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Recent happenings

1. Well, he's home-unfortunately.  Trump has completed his first (and hopefully last) trip abroad and managed to pretty much sever ties with our European allies-or at least what used to be allies.

I've read and heard comments from Trumpies that that's a good thing and he's just doing what he promised, i.e. make America first.  The problem is he's actually damaging America by his actions. Unfortunately he and his supporters are too stupid to realize it.

With any luck at all the independent investigator recently assigned to explore Trump's pre-election connections with Russia will dig up enough to impeach him.  Then all we have to do is deal with the moron currently serving as vice president.

What a mess.

2. On a very sad note our home watch person in Florida recently died.  We had gotten to know her pretty well and she'll be missed.  Now we have to go down and get someone else.  On top of that we still had quite a bit of money left on account with her. 

Her son is handling her affairs but he resides in Indiana.  This too is turning into a mess.  We stand to lose several hundred dollars. We'll see.

3. I've been trying to find airport transportation for our up-coming trip to Cancun.  The vehicle has to be able to accommodate 10 people and their respective baggage.  Such vehicles of course do exist but many of them cost an arm an a leg. 

If anyone out there knows of a service that can do it for a reasonable price, please contact me.  Thanks. 

That's all for today.

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