Monday, April 17, 2017

Two Days in NYC

I spent this past weekend with my daughter's family.  Sandi was still involved with the end-of-tax season rush so they were nice enough to drag me along.

We visited Little Italy and China Town,  the site of the World Trade Center memorial and the new mall, the Empire State Building,  the NY public library and St. Patrick's Cathedral and St. Paul's Chapel among other things.

We did a tremendous amount of walking, riding subways and took Uber a couple of times.

It was a very nice trip and the girls got to see many different sites including a fair number of homeless people which intrigued them very much.  A pleasant outcome of this was the girls realized how lucky they were to have the quality of life they had.

Trips like this are important for kids and adults alike.  They need to see that there's far more to this country or world than their own little corner.  It's an important avenue to learning about and appreciating different cultures.  That in turn leads to tolerance and understanding.  As a nation I regret say many people are in short supply of those things.

To see a few pictures click here

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