Saturday, April 22, 2017

Another First

A few days ago I announced that I was going to do something I had never done before. That was hire a landscaping company to do my spring cleanup chores and spread mulch.  Four men showed up on time and spent the entire day doing the job.  It turned out great and was worth every penny. That's one more major chore I don't have to worry about.

Now I'm reporting another first.  This is much less significant but still a first.  After a run of very warm spring days, we recently ran into a string of chilly, rainy weather.  Normally I would start a fire in the wood stove but I had already cleaned the stove so instead I turned up the heat for a little shot of warmth.  Certainly not a big deal but maybe the start of a trend.  Am I getting soft and lazy or just deciding not to sweat the small stuff?  I prefer to think it's the latter.

It's off to Florida next week for about 10 days.  I don't think there will be any concerns about chilly weather  there.

Next blog will probably come from our condo in Florida.

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