Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My web site vs this blog

Every year about this time I have to make a decision as to whether or not I should continue paying for hosting services for my web site.  The blog you are reading now is a separate-and free-web presence. You can get to it from a link I embedded in the navigation bar of my web site or directly by using its own URL.

If you got here directly, you may want to know that my web site address is
If you got here through my web site you may want to know my blogspot URL
is   The service is provided Google.

The two web sites serve different purposes.  My blog is 99% text.  As you can see if you've been following it, the purpose is to give me a forum for my opinions on a variety of topics.  My web site does three things.  The photo gallery is the biggest in content with pictures, slide shows and video.  Then there's a link to this blog and finally there's an almanac link wherein I post information on the current month.

My blog is quite a bit newer than my web site but the number of views is approaching my web site.  All of this tells me my blog is seen by more people than my web site.  The almanac link on my web site has very few views so I'm thinking of putting something else there or just eliminating it.

I will definitely keep going with my blog since it's free so now the question is should I continue my web site.  It costs me about $8 a month for the hosting service.  It's certainly not going to break the bank but it does require time and effort-although I have to admit I enjoy doing it. 

My web site gets about 20 views a week so someone somewhere is looking at it.  Recently, I've changed the direction of the photo gallery a little.  I still have family pictures but I've begun to post more nature oriented pictures as well.  This is especially true since I've developed an interest in photography. They are all pictures I've taken.  None are obtained from the internet. If I decide to continue my web site, I'll  continue this trend.

I always ask for suggestions or ideas as to how I could make my web site better.  Check it out and if you have an opinion, let me know.  There's a 'contact me' button in the nav bar.


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