Monday, December 5, 2016

Text of a message I just sent to Senator Chris Murphy, D-CT

Dear Senator Murphy,
As a grand parent of school-age children and a former educator of 32 years at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown I wish to express my deep concern for President Elect Trump's recent appointment to Secretary of Education, Ms Betsy DeVos.  My research has convinced me that this individual is not only wholly unqualified to serve in this important post but also has the potential for disastrous consequences for public education in this country. I don't know if  you and your like-minded colleagues can do anything about this but I would like  you to know that there are many of your constituents who share my opinion in this matter.
Mr. Trump brags about 'draining the swamp' but this appointment puts him up to his neck in the political swamp.
Thank you for your attention.
George Stockwell

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