Monday, December 5, 2016

Initial observations

There are several ways to predict the future of this country under the leadership of Donald Trump. One way is to simply listen to what he says. The problem here is that he's often contradictory in addition to which he's already backed off much of what he's promised.

But another important way to 'tell which way the wind is blowing' is to observe who he's appointing to various cabinet positions and posts.

Take for example his recent appointment as Secretary of Education.  The person's name is Betsy DeVos.  She is a billionaire from Chicago who has contributed heavily to Trump's campaign.

Let's review her qualifications and/or beliefs:

1. She has never attended a public school; her children do not attend public schools; and as far as anyone can tell she hasn't even been inside a public school-ever.
2. She believes strongly in school choice and charter schools over public schools.
3. She does not support public school teachers nor is she endorsed by the NEA.

And there you have it.  This individual has no problem watching a bedrock of our democracy simply disappear.  One of the most important things this nation has done besides medicare, social security and the GI Bill is offer free public school education. 

What really puzzles me is the apparent lack of concern for this disaster-in-waiting.  The only people thus far who seem to be horrified by this choice are educators or former educators and a handful of parents. 

I believe there are two possible explanations to this.  First, the media hasn't embraced it as an issue. It's not juicy enough for them.  Second, altogether too many people in this nation  have put education at the bottom of their priority list.  They don't even take the time to understand 'school choice' and the possible consequences of ignoring the public schools.

So why did Trump appoint her? Simple. Payback.  Welcome to the world of politics, Donald.  For a guy who kept talking about 'draining the swamp' you are now up to your neck in it.

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