Friday, April 1, 2016

Welcome, April!

April 1st brings back many fond memories of my teaching days.  Of course school children live for April Fools Day.  It's the one day out of the entire year that they get to prank their teacher without getting into too much trouble.

April Fools jokes range from the usual verbal stuff to chalk in erasers (nowadays kids don't even know what chalk is!) to coffee that's been tampered with to the one trick I will never forget.  A former student of mine in consert with her mother stayed up late to make a chocolate layer cake but the joke was the layers were filled with horse radish.  When I took a bite, I turned bright red and started to cough-all to the delight of the entire class who was in on it. 

Clever.  That little girl is a CEO somewhere now!

April brings more than tricks.  Spring starts in earnest with flowers growing and rain to nourish them.

Historically, April is a very important month.  Many wars have either started or ended in April.

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