Monday, April 25, 2016

Pet Peeve Number (who knows by now!)

Time for another rant.  It's been going on for the past few weeks and really getting annoying.  You know how right after a snow storm you'd be driving along and occasionally encounter a huge pile of snow on the right shoulder of the road extending into the road thus making you brake to go around it or even hitting  it?  That pile of snow is due to private snow plows pushing their customers' driveway snow into the road.  Not good.

Well there's a spring time equivalent.  It's blowing leaves into the road.  Some guys don't even wait until the vehicle passes.  They just blow all the leaves into your car.

Leaves aren't quite as dangerous as snow and the payback is if you get close and speed up a little you can blow a lot of them back into the guy's yard but it does affect visibility and I always have a bit of a concern that dry leaves will lodge against the hot parts under your vehicle thus igniting.  Also, you have to wonder what else is being blown into the road besides leaves.  Some other kind of debris that will damage your tires?  Who knows?

Anyway, that's it for today but the day is just starting so stay tuned.

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