Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring is here

Since spring is officially here and the weather has warmed considerably, it is time to consider the list of outdoor tasks that await me.

1. Leaves, leaves and more leaves
2. Prep garden area
3. Cut, split and stack recently acquired wood by driveway (over a cord)
4. Cut up the stuff that has fallen in back woods and get it to the wood pile (probably about half to three-quarters of a cord
5. Work on cellar Bilco doors to stop water entering through them into basement
6. Pressure wash house
7. Charge tractor battery and get it started
8. Prep snow blower for summer storeage
9. Repair stone walls
10. Clean up brush that fell over winter
11. Relax on front porch and watch birds

That should keep me busy for a while.

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