Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Point of Staging is ....what, again?

I couple of my 'friends' recently posted on my Facebook timeline ads for real estate professionals who will stage your house for you.  I guess staging is all the rage these days if you want to sell your house for top dollar.  Once upon a time all you had to do was pick up a little, do the dishes and get out...and very often you didn't even have to do leave. 

Now most real estate agents selling especially the more expensive houses recommend staging.  You have to get all your personal stuff off the walls, move out your ratty furniture and let a stager come in with new stuff the theory being the prospective buyers will walk through going ooooh and aaaaah and make multiple, ever increasing bids to have your beautiful house which of course they're getting emptied of all that neat stuff!

Personally, I think staging is a waste of money.  If people can't come through and imagine their stuff in there instead of your stuff, then they're too stupid to own your house in which case they'd be more trouble than they're worth anyway.

Take my expert real estate advice: forget staging...but I guess you better do the dishes and pick up your underwear.

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