Monday, February 8, 2016


Well, Super Bowl 50 is over-fortunately.  I'm almost as sick of football as I am politics-well, not really but you got the idea. I actually watched most of the game because I like Peyton Manning and I always root for the underdog.

Now, if you want to meet two football fanatics, you should meet my grandsons.  They love football!  Certainly a big reason for that is because their dad likes it too but they also want to play  the game. 

They even have a very impressive football card collection.  They have baseball cards too but not as many as football cards.

In my day it was all baseball.  My friends and I had hundreds of cards which we traded all the time.  At one point I had the entire Brooklyn Dodgers 1954 team.  Unfortunately they were lost in the floods of 1955. 

So now we're in that twilight zone of no more football and too early for baseball.  Well I suppose there's always basketball-or my choice-a really good book.

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