Friday, October 2, 2015

Umpqua Community College, Oregon...Ten more...

Umpqua Community College,  Oregon.  Ten dead, 20 wounded. 

Politicians need to stop saying "our thoughts and prayers are with you" and do something.

What should they do you ask?  For starters pass Federal laws that call for background check, require a waiting period, ban off the shelf sails at gun shows and stiffen the penalties for selling firearms illegally.  Will that put a complete stop to these kinds of things?  No but it might stop a lot of them and that's a start.

Once that's done, we can take it from there.  No one wants to repeal the Second Amendment. No one wants to deprive sane people from enjoying sport shooting, hunting or protecting their lives or property. The goal is to take steps toward keeping firearms out of the hands of lunatics. It's that simple.

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