Thursday, October 8, 2015

One down. Many to go

Mark this day-October 8, 2015.  One very big autumn chore is now complete.  For the past two months I've been cutting, splitting, stacking, cutting, splitting, stacking, cutting, splitting....well, you get the idea.  Five cords of fire wood.  Three of them bought cheap-cut but not split or seasoned.  Two of them gathered from various sources myself.  This is wood for the season after the upcoming one.  I already have 3 cords ready for this year.  And with any luck at all I could squeeze another year out of it which would bring me to 2018 when I reach my 75th birthday.

Coincidental with today's milestone I got the second and last oil delivery for 2015.  I will have used a total of 366 gallons which is 100 gallons less than the year before in spite of record cold temps.  So how do I account for the savings?  Simple-a new Vermont Castings wood burning stove.  Between the large drop in fuel prices and the new stove I've pretty much paid for all the wood I bought and a good chunk of the stove. Pretty neat, huh?

Now it's on to other fall chores: pruning, a few house repairs, leaves, final mowing.  It never ends but I'm not complaining because I have a house and yard to do it in and I have the energy (usually) to do it.

Bye for now.

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