Sunday, July 19, 2015


Donald Trump sure is making a lot of headlines these days.  Of course that's exactly what he wants but putting that aside, let's review. 

First he manages to offend every person of Hispanic descent  in the world which may or may not bother most people.  But then he really hits a nerve by making the remark about John McCain only being famous because he was captured and held by North Viet Nam.

I do not defend people entering the country illegally nor do I defend John McCain's warped politics.  But what I do take offense to is the notion that all Mexicans who are in this country are here because they're the dregs of Mexican society and Mexico doesn't want them.  I also take offense at someone criticizing John McCain-or anyone else-who has served his/her country.

First, I strongly believe that the over whelming majority of  Mexicans who enter this country illegally have no wish to do us harm.  They want work, pure and simple and they're finding it in the form of jobs no one else will do.

Second, when Trump disparages McCain he is by default dissing all veterans.  Not a smart move, Donald. 

We all know Trump has absolutely no chance of being the president next year or any other year.  To me he's simply a little comic relief in what is becoming a very dreary political period-except he's not really all that funny. 

One thing I am pleasantly surprised at is the uproar over Trump's remarks from the 200 other republicans officially running.  At least they're feigning a degree of decency for which they are  not really known.  

Stay tuned.  There's a LOT more to come. Ugh!

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