Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good diet and plenty of exercise. That's all you need to do.

I just saw yet another TV ad for a miracle diet that promised the user massive weight loss with little if any effort. 

All these things are of course scams.  I do confess however that I did try a modified diet plan with great success.  It was the South Beach diet and its main feature is its emphasis on drastically reduced carbs.  I didn't follow every detail of the plan.  I simply shifted my diet from high carb foods to high protein foods and vegetables.  This for me was more than a diet.  It was a life style change.  On top of that I combined it with an exercise program. 

As a result of all of this I lost weight, lowered my fasting glucose levels and have more energy.  All desirable things.

Exercise is a very important component to any plan so in the interest of being fully informed here's a list of some popular foods and the amount of exercise needed to burn the calories they provide. Caution: It's depressing!

Slice of pizza with peperoni-285 calories
Run 3 miles
285 pushups
1425 situps

Bagel w/cheese-320 calories
1600 situps
Run 3 miles
320 pushups

Slice of bacon-43 calories
Run half a mile
215 situps
43 pushups

Donut-195 calories
975 situps
195 pushups
Run 2 miles

McDonald's double cheeseburger-437 calories
437 pushups
Run 4 miles
2185 situps

Glass of beer-150 calories
150 pushups
Run 1.5 miles
150 pushups

Chocolate shake-356 calories
356 pushups
Run 3.5 miles
1780 situps

1 tic-tac-1.9 calories
2 pushups
9.5 situps
Run 100 feet

There's more but you get the idea.  Bon Appetit

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