Saturday, April 26, 2014

More of life's little annoyances

Having a condo in FL has many advantages. While many people would not like this, it has become our permanent vacation destination-which is fine by me. 

But when things go wrong and something needs to be done, it can be a major pain-especially when we're still in CT and we're trying to deal with people in Florida. People by the way who have a very, very different definition of the work ethic than us folks up north.

One such example recently occurred when renters reported that our A/C unit wasn't working.  We have a home warranty insurance policy so I put in a call for them to schedule servicing.  Unfortunately, the people they hooked us up with are idiots.  They couldn't get phone numbers straight and they gave me a date that turned out to be incorrect.  My home watch person deserves a medal (and undoubtedly more money) for having to deal with them.

Once the technician makes his service call, the A/C company reports back to the warranty company.  That's where we are now-and it's taking forever which is a problem since we're going to be there soon and it's getting hot down there-very hot.  So what all this amounts to is that instead of relaxing I'm going to have to deal with this as soon as we get there.

Another little annoyance associated with this is when I called the warranty company to see if they had a record of this yet, the lady I spoke to barely spoke English so I found myself constantly yelling "WHAT.  I don't understand you."

I suppose some people would say something like aw, you poor thing.  You have two homes and you're having problems.  How awful for you!  Yeah, well....I guess but it's still a pain.

Thus endeth my rant for the day.

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