Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Greetings from Naples, FL

Well, here we are, our yearly end-of-tax-season trip to our condo in Florida.  Except there's one little twist this year as previously reported.  We still haven't got our A/C unit fixed although the guy is supposed to be on his way as I write this.

Florida is no place to be without A/C-even in April-May.  It's 83 in our condo now and over 90 outside.  I don't really mind it all that much except when we sleep at which time it's cooled somewhat and the ceiling fans help a great deal.

It all reminds me of the many years we had no A/C at all at home.  We simply had to endure the hot, humid summers with a small window fan.  And somehow we did it-as we will now.

One of the projects I will be undertaking while we're here is to put together a photo album which I'll put on my web site  I have to take the pictures, configure them and make the album so it will be a while.  Stay tuned and stay cool!

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