Friday, October 18, 2013

Back to school....

After a long hiatus I have finally resumed my involvement in school-specifically Sandy Hook School.   Part of this decision was prompted by my grandson's enrollment as a kindergartner there.  The other part is that as our grandchildren get older they are of course in schools of their own so my baby sitting services have been reduced a great deal. 

About the only baby sitting I'm doing now is when there's no school or one of the boys is home sick or when my son-in-law is traveling.  Aside from those relatively infrequent situations, I no longer have a regular schedule.  

Finally, I simply like being around kids and while many of my former colleagues have moved on, there are still many left at the school who I enjoy visiting.

So on Wednesday it was back to a volunteer.  I do have two subbing dates scheduled but they're not until  next month. 

I was in my grandson's kindergarten class.  Ironically, Cole was out sick that day so I didn't get to see him but I still had a good time helping the kinders as they're called now drawing a ginger bread man which they had just made in the kitchen of the cafeteria. 

I've been retired for just over 9 years but I did sub for several years beyond that.  There are a lot of things in the classroom that have changed.  The curriculum is much different and more demanding; chalk boards have been replaced by first dry erase boards and now 'smart' boards.  Most teachers do not have a desk.  Rather they work at a table or at stations to create a climate of accessibility. 

But one thing that has not changed much at all is the students.  Kids are kids...and kindergartners are especially enjoyable.  When I was introduced to the class, one little girl earnestly told me that she would be happy to help me if I needed anything! 

I'll be back at Sandy Hook on a regular basis and I even have a guest reader gig coming up in my grand daughter's class at another school. 

So I'm looking forward to the school year and even next year as Nicholas enters kindergarten. 

Everyone needs something useful to do.  It's an important way to stay energized.

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