Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Attention all you wingnuts on the far right!

Greetings members of the lunatic fringe,
I have the perfect place for you to live-beautiful North Carolina. 

NC legislators have had a very busy year.  Here is a partial list of their accomplishments:
1. Pre-registration has been banned for young (?) voters.
2. Unemployment benefits slashed.  Get a job!
3. The passage of restrictions closing all family planning clinics.
4. Restrictions on early and Sunday voting.
5. Restrictions on college students voting at school.
6. Enactment of laws allowing guns in bars, parks and playgrounds.
7. And finally, the most incredible one of all, use of climate change data in certain publications is punishable by law.

So go one, wingnuts.  Get the hell out of CT and go south.  Thanks. 

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