Friday, June 28, 2013

Stamford Resident Flies Nazi Flag

A recent piece in the Danbury News-Times reported on a well respected Stamford resident who is flying the Nazi flag off his front porch to protest the policies of President Obama.

Conversations with several neighbors revealed that the guy was well liked and respected.

The guy's explanation was that he was not trying to suggest that Obama was a Nazi.  He was simply trying to make the point that in his view the president was making policies very much against the best interests of the country.  Furthermore he is calling for Obama's impeachment.

In my opinion the fact that his neighbors are taking such a nonchalant approach to this display is appalling.  The Nazi flag represents the ultimate in evil.  After all, Adolf Hitler was responsible for the mass execution of 6 million people.

To even remotely equate Obama's leadership with Hitler's is so profoundly absurd that it gives one pause to wonder what on earth these idiots are thinking.

This level of ignorance is intolerable.  Fortunately for them, the First Amendment protects their right to embrace this kind of insane thinking.  I would like to think the majority of Americans are far more level headed.  At least I hope so.  If not, we're in deeper trouble than I originally thought.

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