Sunday, June 30, 2013

More of life's little mysteries

I have one more observation regarding the recent Supreme Court rulings then I'll stop for a while.

In one of its decisions it effectively removed blocks to same-sex marriages-but not entirely.  It left the door open for legislative action to be taken that would basically put the issue back on the table. Opponents of the court's ruling have 25 days to take such action.

So now the news is filled with reports of all sorts of movements underway to block Prop 8 as it's come to be known.  The opponents of equal rights for gays are simply not giving up.

My thought is why on earth are antigay forces making such a fuss. They're disguising their actions as those that preserve the 'Christian' or moral thing to do but let's face it, they're homophobes.

Does anyone really care who another person marries?  I certainly don't.  I don't care if a person marries a man, woman, goat or a tree in their front yard.  So long as they leave me alone, they can do what ever they want.

Here's the kicker:  the very people frothing at the mouth about gay marriages are the same people who rail against perceived government intrusions from the left.  Yet, they have no problem intruding themselves into another's life.   The hypocrisy and lack of logic here is totally lost on them.

These nuts need to just shut up and  go away.  Leave people alone.

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