Saturday, February 2, 2013

Transitions Part Two

Recently I posted a piece describing how the play areas of my grand children have changed with the passage of time.

Well, here are two other things that I just thought of.  First, the nature and quantity of items on our grand children display area has changed a great deal.  The only thing on there now is what Nicholas (3) & Cole (5) have made for us.  Brooke (9) and Courtney (6)  have pretty much grown beyond the point of drawing a lot of pictures although they still do from time to time for special occasions.

The second thing is the types of TV shows they like to watch.  We've progressed well beyond Elmo and Barney and are now up to preteen types of shows or sitcoms like A Dog with a Blog or something like that.  It's actually a pretty cute show and harmless enough.

A year from now all this will have changed of course.  Time marches on.

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