Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Governor Dan Malloy, Democrat--or is he?

I received an email from someone who used to follow me on Patch when I was writing for them. They were bemoaning the fact that there was no longer a pro-teacher voice on that website. Their specific concern was CT Gov. Malloy's plan to overhaul teacher tenure and evaluation procedures.

I have to admit. Malloy's got me puzzled too. For a democrat he sure is acting very republican. Who in his right mind would give him a blank check to tinker with a very old, well established system.

OK, granted, there needs to be some changes but the devil's in the details and Malloy's ideas are notably lacking in that area.

There are other things about Malloy that disturb me. His strategy of taxing just about every thing anyone does in the state of Connecticut is troubling.

All in all, I'm very disappointed in this guy's performance thus far. Let's see, what's he got? Two more years? Pity. I may have to actually vote republican the next time around.

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