Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another item to add to the "I don't get it" list

I saw yet another video clip of Donald Trump on the Today Show this morning.

Why on earth do the producers of America's most watched morning television show think their viewers give a hoot what this arrogant gasbag thinks?

Every single person I've talked to thinks he's a repugnant creep--and that's people in his own backyard.

Try talking, as I have, to folks in places like Pennsylvania, Indiana or Texas. They're even more put off by Trump's mindless rants.

Don't television executives know that every time they put his face on TV his ego puffs up a little more and he becomes even more obnoxious?

Come on, guys. There are lots of better, more knowledgeable and pleasant people to talk to out there. Stop giving this prima donna an audience!

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