Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Guest Blogger Ken Mackenzie

myBlog # 176 - Catholic Church

The Catholic Church system has been a good-old-boys-club (GOBC) for centuries. Even now, they won't admit to the high percentage of priests (same % in the hierarchy?) who are pedophiles.

What other section of society can one move a criminal sideways (to another parish) and make the problem go away even to the point that the US law avoids them?

Now, even though 95% of Catholics admit to using contraception, the GOBC still preaches that another century old saw that contraception is a no-no and has taken it to the highest levels in the US authority to keep this silly (dumb?) rule in effect just so we will have more Catholics.

And just as that dust begins to settle, they have jumped on another important issue of offense (Nicki Minaj dressed somewhat like a cardinal).

BTW, a quick check of the internet will show you that Lady Gaga and Madonna have also offended the Church. Starting to sound like the middle east.

Hello?? A note to the GOBC: This is the 21st century. It's time to get with it.

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