Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who's Responsible?

I've been hearing from a variety of sources that President Obama is the one actually responsible for the criminal increases in gas prices.

The rationale is that because he's doing so little to stabilize the situation in Libya, world oil markets are worried about major disruptions in supply so they're jacking up the prices.

I've heard this on radio & television programs and I've read it in places as diverse as Facebook and comments to Newtown & Monroe Patch pieces.

The idea is of course ridiculous. Obama has no more control of events there then he does over the weather.

Furthermore the fact is the supply of oil is plentiful. This latest round of price increases is nothing more than a bunch of greedy oil companies taking advantage of a fictitious situation to pad their profits. They're thieves--plain and simple.

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Out of My Mind said...

They are just as bad as the Madoffs of the world!

Their tactics are in essence achieving the same outcome as a terrorist attack. It is the greedy mega corps that will bring this country down.
It should be called treason!