Friday, January 8, 2010

In A Child's Mind

My grand daughters have extraordinary imaginations. I'm sure the boys will too but the oldest is only two so their stories are yet to come. To continue, my 6 year old grand daughter and I were playing doctor this afternoon. I was a 4 yr old named Keila and my sister, Mary, was 2. My grand daughter was the doctor and her immediate concern was with Mary. It seems my grand daughter couldn't get enough blood from her so she had to start an IV. She would then spend the night in the doctor's office. If her condition worsened, she'd be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. During the night there would be people sitting by her bed watching her sleep. If she didn't get better she'd 'pass away'. When and if that happened she'd go to a cemetery. That's were dead people go. She told me God is in the clouds but dead people are in cemeteries. She asked me if I believed in God and I said I wasn't certain but I hoped there was one. She seemed to accept this but I could tell the wheels were turning. Soon it was my turn to be examined. I got my shots and was told to return to the waiting room where Mary was asleep on the little sofa. I could play with her if I wanted but not for long. Not long after that, Grandma came home and that was the official end of the game but we sure covered a lot of territory during the time we were playing that game. I wonder what's next.

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